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Revised and adopted: August 1, 2017

The Board of Governors Policy and Procedures Manual (Manual)is divided into five categories as generally described below. Please refer to the specific policy language as it controls over any general description. Specific questions regarding the policies and procedures should be directed to the CSU System Office of General Counsel.

The Colorado Constitution and the Colorado Revised Statutes vest the supervision and control of the 鶹 in the Board of Governors. The 鶹 is a body corporate of the State of Colorado and is composed of Colorado State University, Colorado State University Pueblo, Colorado State University Global, and their constituent agencies, institutes and services. The Bylaws were revised and adopted in June 2012 and define the powers, composition and authority of the Board of Governors. A copy of the Bylaws is also set forth in the Manual.

The Governance policies of the Colorado State University Board of Governors define the process through which the Board shall conduct business to discharges its constitutional and statutory responsibilities. The policies have been established to delineate the manner through which the public will be informed of those proceedings.

  • Policy 100: The 鶹 Board of Governors Policy and Procedures Manual
  • Policy 101: CSUS Board Goals Policy
  • Policy 102: CSUS Board Meeting and Notice Policy
  • Policy 103: CSUS Board Policy on Board and Committee Minutes and Materials
  • Policy 104: CSUS Board Chancellor Policy
  • Policy 105: CSUS Board Campus Presidents Policy
  • Policy 106: CSUS Board Officers Policy
  • Policy 107: CSUS Board Code of Ethics Policy
  • Policy 108: CSUS Board Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Policy 109: CSUS Board Confidentiality Policy
  • Policy 110: CSUS Board Open Meetings Policy
  • Policy 111: CSUS Board Audit Charter Policy
  • Policy 112: CSUS Board Open Records Policy
  • Policy 113: CSUS Board Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Policy 114: CSUS Board Alcohol and Drug Policy
  • Policy 115: CSUS Board Weapons Control Policy
  • Policy 116: CSUS Board Seeking Public Office Policy
  • Policy 117: CSUS Board Legal Services Policy
  • Policy 118: CSUS Board External Relations Policy
  • Policy 119: CSUS Board Presidential Evaluation Policy and Procedures
  • Policy 120: CSUS Board Appointee Evaluation Policy and Procedures
  • Policy 121: CSUS Board Indemnification Policy
  • Policy 122: CSUS Board Appointments Policy
  • Policy 123: CSUS Board Appellate Review of Dismissal and Grievance Decisions Policy
  • Policy 124: CSUS Board Naming University Properties, Academic and Non-Academic Programs and Facilities
  • Policy 125: CSUS Board Export Control Policy
  • Policy 126: CSUS Board iPad Usage Policy
  • Policy 127: CSUS Board Use of Digital Resources Policy
  • Policy 128: CSUS Board Public Record Retention Policy
  • Policy 129: CSUS Board Free Speech and Peaceful Assembly Policy
  • Policy 130: CSUS Board Training and Best Practices
  • Policy 131: CSUS Board Public Health Emergency Response Policy
  • Policy 132: CSUS Board Identification Policy

The Budget and Financial policies are intended to cultivate a culture of success and awareness of the vital need for prudent, informed and sound judgment in managing the financial and physical resources of the 鶹. The policies are designed to create, preserve and enhance the academic, physical and capital environment that supports the System and its universities and agencies. Protecting and growing the vital assets of the System will provide academic experiences and physical environments that enrich the lives of students, faculty and staff, and the nation, state and communities we serve.

The 鶹 is comprised of three distinct campuses with unique missions that contribute to the overall vision and mission of the System. The Board of Governors recognizes and values the faculty and administrators in achieving these missions through delivery of academic excellence; outstanding research standards; innovation and technology; and leadership to the students, local communities, the State of Colorado, nationally and globally. The Academic Affairs policies were established to ensure the quality and integrity of the faculty.

  • Policy 300: CSUS Board Campus Mission Statements Policy
  • Policy 301: CSUS Board Academic Tenure Policy
  • Policy 302: CSUS Board Academic Program Proposal Policy and Addendum
  • Policy 303: CSUS Board Academic Program Review Policy
  • Policy 304: CSUS Board Higher Education Center Policy
  • Policy 305: CSUS Board Distributed Learning Policy
  • Policy 306: CSUS Board Program and Campus Accreditation Policy
  • Policy 307: CSUS Board Policy on Faculty/Staff Study Privilege
  • Policy 308: CSUS Board Policy on Board of Governors Undergraduate Teaching Award
  • Policy 309: CSUS Board Policy on Board of Governors Graduate Teaching Award
  • Policy 310: CSUS Board Sabbatical Leave Policy
  • Policy 311: CSUS Board Academic Freedom Policy
  • Policy 312: CSUS Board Emeritus Status Policy
  • Policy 313: CSUS Board Approval of Academic Calendars and Suspension of Academic Terms Policy
  • Policy 314: CSUS Board Approval of Degree Candidates

Student satisfaction and success is central to the mission of the 鶹. The Student Affairs policies recognize the value of the educational experience provided through student government, and the importance and benefits of the on-campus living experience. Further the Board strives to ensure accessibility and to meet statutory obligations by establishing procedures on approval of fees and financial aid.

  • Policy 400: CSUS Board Campus Student Government Policy
  • Policy 401: CSUS Board Campus Residence Hall Requirement Policy
  • Policy 402: CSUS Board Fee Policy
  • Policy 403: CSUS Board Student Financial Aid Policy
  • Policy 404: CSUS Board Student In-State Tuition Policy